IoT Nodes

We want to make it easy for you purchase and implement a successful IoT project, so we’ve put all the pieces you’ll need in one convenient place. Nearly all Lorawan nodes are made in Mauritius. We’re helping to make industry smarter, more efficient and profitable with ready to deploy IoT solutions for your business, communities & individuals.
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
I/O Controller
RS 485 Adapter Lorawan
Soil Moisture Sensor
Water/Fuel Level Sensor
Fire/Flame Detection
Lorawan GPS Tracker
Gas Sensor
Water Leakage Sensor
Vibration Sensor
Motion Sensor
Liquid Flow Sensor
Rain Sensors
Light Detection
Valve Control

868 Mhz Lorawan Network

IoT Platform

MyGPS IoT Platform offers all the functionalities required for the deployment of industrial/commercial/individual IoT projects, whether in Smart Metering, Smart Building, Agriculture sector, Transportation & allowing the integration of any type of IoT sensor, with communication network used Lorawan.  Many functions can be performed on the collected data, Custom Reports and Dashboards, Definition of rules for the generation of Notifications and Alerts. It is open to any type of integration through APIs.
IoT Data Collection
Data from any type of IoT sensor, transmitted through lorawan IoT network & generate big data.
Reports & Dashboards
More than 50 widgets available to build around IoT data & its own reports and custom dashboards.
IoT Data Monitoring
Set alerts for particular parameters are met or exceeded. Graphs, gauges & tables are available.
Types of IoT Sensor Available
Active Lorawan Gateway
IoT Platform

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